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Secondary first year lessons for informatics. هذا التطبيق يضم جميع الدروس مادة الاعلام الالي للسنة اولى ثانوي لجميع التخصصات العلمية والادبية ويعمل بدون الحاجة الى الانترنت


 · شكرا للمتابعة ياريت ما تنسى اللايك اذا افادك الفيديو و أي استفسار اكتبه بالتعليقات ...

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1-a- he said that he wanted to save humanity as he had seen 0.5. b- a psychologist explained that people were shocked and some had a lost of weight 0.5. c- she asks him when he joined the red crescent 0.5. d- he ordered them to hurry up because many people were under the rubble 0.5. 2-a- were/are , would help 1.


 · 1- The past tense used in the if-clause is the past perfect simple. 2- It refers to something impossible, something which did not happen.The speaker is dreaming of or imagining a different past. But the past cannot be changed! 3- The speaker uses would have + past participle. PRACTICE( pp.141-142) Act.One (p.141) KEY a. If animals could speak, they would complain about our ingratitude to them ...

حل تمارين : ص 40 / 41 في الانجليزية الثانية ثانوي. Act. One (p.40) The students will practise the use of the modals can/could and their irregular forms by doing a. completion activity. a. The League of Nations cannot impose economic sanctions on warlike nations. b.

( 1- Consumers ) still hesitate to buy genetically modified food because the ( 2- consumption ) of this type of food might be harmful to their health. Many agro-business companies have tried to promote their ( 3- production ) by placing ( 4- advertisements ) in newspapers and on TV. However, their ( 5- advertising ) campaigns have not worked well so far because GMFs have a bad publicity. This ...


 · [ أرشيف ] حل تمارين كتب المدرسية لجميع المواد - سنة 1 ثانوي جذع علوم و تكنولوجيا : Tassilialgerie: حلول تمارين كتب مدرسية للسنة الأولى ثانوي: 72: 2021-05-10 01:03: حلول تمارين العلوم الطبيعية و الحياة لسنة ثانية ثانوي - علوم تجربية ( بدون ت�